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WCA Awards its Inspire Scholarship to Inspiring Florida High School Students

WCA Awards its Inspire Scholarship to Inspiring Florida High School Students

The two applicants who were successful in obtaining the scholarship worth $1,000 after the selection process were Maryn Neuhofer and Ashley Isom. Let’s have a brief look at the topics they covered and how they made it to the list of winners.

Maryn Neuhofer, a student of South Lake High School, discussed the issues related to agriculture industry of Florida. She highlighted the some of the environmental conflicts in her essay. However, the biggest issue, which she brought forward through her piece of writing, was citrus greening. She discussed in details the threats it poses to the agriculture industry in Florida. In her essay, she brought to the table, the solutions that are already in practice and proposed other effective solutions that can help to reduce the effect of this environmental issue.

The other winner of the scholarship was Ashley Isom, a Santa Fe High School graduate. The topic, which she discussed in her essay, was eutrophication. She brought after the adverse effects associated with this issue. In her essay, she discussed the importance of preventing the water pollution in order to tackle the growing concern of eutrophication. Moreover, her essay also contained useful information on how eutrophication is posing certain dangers to our environment and not taking precautionary measures at the right time can worsen the situation.

WCA is proud to provide an opportunity for students to showcase their talent and forward their education. The future lies in the hands of the youth. By appreciating and awarding the talented individuals through such scholarships, WCA is playing its part for a brighter future for not only these students but also for the world.