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“My faith was renewed,” A small Christmas miracle for one Oklahoma family

“My faith was renewed,” A small Christmas miracle for one Oklahoma family

POSTED 4:12 PM, DECEMBER 21, 2018, BY , UPDATED AT 07:33 PM, DECEMBER 21, 2018. The article can be viewed here.

DAVIS, Okla. - On the side of the road and along a busy highway is one of the last places you'd want a gift meant for a loved one to be laying around but, for one Oklahoma woman, it was meant to be.

Christee Damron lives near Davis, Oklahoma. She ordered an engraved bracelet for her niece this Christmas, which was meant to be delivered this week.

"I had gotten a notice the night before that it was running late. It’s the holidays, I suspected that," Damron said.

On Wednesday morning, Damron received a phone call from a number she did not recognize. It belonged to a man she did not know. He introduced himself as Wayne Birdsell.

Birdsell found the package along the side of the road on Highway 7 near I-35.

"He started started explaining 'It was opened a little, so I (Birdsell) took it out, and it was engraved from an aunt to niece and I knew I needed to get this back to you,'" Damron said.

Birdsell works for the Waste Corporate of America as a driver based out of the company's Pauls Valley location. He spent days trying to track down Damron.

"I’m tearing up now, but he went to the sheriff’s department. I mean I don’t even know the extent this man went to track me down," Damron said during our interview.

However, Birdsell told News 4 that it was all about doing the right thing.

"Especially when I saw what it was because it had an engraving on it, and I saw what it was, and it was small so I knew it was for a little girl," he said. "I wish there was a lot more people like that nowadays. I mean everybody gets caught up in political nonsense, and they forget about Christmas spirit and what things are really about."

Tina Fleming, a district manager for the WCA, described Birdsell as an employee who always goes above and beyond.

"He’s always been a great guy, and we’ve always enjoyed having him as an employee but this really speaks out to his character and the character we try to instill in our employees as well," Fleming said.

Fleming described WCA as "your neighborhood trash guys" but, to Damron, Birdsell is now so much more than that.

"I have such faith in my Lord, but my faith in humankind and the world in the shape its in has wavered from time to from time to time because you see so many horrible things in the world and, when he called me... I’m getting goosebumps now… my faith was renewed," Damron told News 4.

Damron said the bracelet for her niece is now extra special because it comes with a story that exemplifies what she called the true meaning of Christmas.

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