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WCA’s CFO, Dianna Cervantes Is the First Female Finisher at Race for the Cure

WCA’s CFO, Dianna Cervantes Is the First Female Finisher at Race for the Cure

It was a bright day at Sam Houston Park, Downtown Houston. Athletes and casual supporters of the fight against breast cancer had on their pink. It was obvious people from all over wanted to contribute. The interest and attitude towards the great cause were all that mattered on this day.

People came from far and near to volunteer, donate, run, walk, support, and even clap hands cheering on the runners and walkers alike, all in the name of creating awareness that the war against breast cancer can be won. The Annual Komen Huston Race for the Cure was a blast this year. I am delighted I was part of it. If you were there, I am sure you are too.

When the race came to an end, we had the opportunity to interview WCA’s own Dianna Cervantes who also took part in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. She was the first female finisher of the entire race. She showed a wonderful display of athleticism and determination to finish first and we want to take a moment to celebrate one of our team members racing to make a difference.

Below was the brief conversation that we had with her. 

How often do you run and did you have to train for this event?

I can trace my running days back to elementary school. I can’t tell you why, but it is something I have always enjoyed. It worked out well because running actually paid for most of my college. At different times in my life, I was training five to six times a week. Fast forward 20+ years after college and I am happy if I can hit the trail two to three times a week.

WCA is obviously a proud supporter of breast cancer research, what does running in the event and raising money for this cause mean to you?

The Race for the Cure is an amazing event. It is a very humbling experience being part of a sea of pink with the unified and singular purpose of beating cancer! Cancer affects so many of our families and friends. Every dollar helps us get closer to putting an end to breast cancer!

Speaking of which, do you think the war against breast cancer can be won? 

Absolutely!  This event and many others like it are about hope and aligning people and resources for a worthy cause.  Thanks to the awareness that comes from events like this one, it has really helped emphasize the need for early detection, which seems to be the most impactful tool in our battle against this terrible disease.

Will WCA keep participating in programs like this in the nearest future? 

WCA and all of the great members of our team are showing no sign of backing down.  It is part of our mission statement to always do things that will help society as a whole. Furthermore, WCA has contributed to programs like this for years, including MD Anderson and the American Cancer Society. I’m sure we all want to see this spirit of giving continue.

What is your general assessment of this program and what do you have to say to the organizers? 

The program is a sign of faith that the war against breast cancer can still be won. It also teaches us that, when we come together, we can accomplish great things. Regarding what I have to say to the organizers: Thank you for your tireless efforts to bring Houstonians together for this great cause. I hope to be a part of the event for years to come!

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