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WCA Expands into Kentucky With the Acquisition of Freedom Waste/Jones Sanitation

WCA announces its entry into the State of Kentucky with the acquisition of the vertically-integrated solid waste operations of Freedom Waste Services, LLC (FWS) and Jones Sanitation, LLC.

This acquisition includes the purchase of three hauling operations, three transfer stations, and one MSW landfill operation. Located primarily in western Kentucky, FWS services approximately 20,000 customers and provides residential, commercial, roll-off, and disposal services to residents and businesses in over 16 counties.

WCA and Freedom Waste are committed to providing customers in the markets served by FWS with the same high-quality service they have grown accustomed to and will focus their attention on:

  • Establishing industry-leading safety standards
  • Keeping dollars in the local economy by supporting local vendors and creating new employment opportunities
  • Striving for environmental sustainability through recycling programs, the use of cleaner-burning fuel in our trucks, and the conversion of landfill gas to energy
  • Supporting our communities through contributions to Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Engaging in customer feedback initiatives that directly improve our customer’s experience

“WCA’s acquisition of Freedom Waste Services and Jones Sanitation extends our operations in Missouri across the river to the western Kentucky market,” said WCA’s CEO, Bill Caesar. “This investment represents an important strategic opportunity for WCA in a new market where we can leverage our experience and resources to provide superior service to a new group of customers. This acquisition also adds over 70 hard-working employees to our team.”

If you are a Freedom Waste customer and would like to learn more, please click here.

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