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WCA Announces the Best Drivers, Operators, & Technicians of 2017

WCA Announces the Best Drivers, Operators, & Technicians of 2017

In 2015, WCA introduced the Driver of the Year Award that recognizes some of the best WCA drivers.  In 2017, WCA amplified the Award by including WCA operators and technicians.  This acknowledgment is just another way our specialized team members work together, keeping WCA running safely, efficiently, and effectively.

In 2015, WCA introduced the Driver of the Year Award, that recognizes some of WCA’s best drivers. In 2017, WCA enhanced the awards by recognizing our operators and technicians. Because the efficient operation of WCA is maintained without all of these employees working together.

Representing the WCA Regions, a committee of district managers, safety directors, and regional vice presidents develop a meticulous process to select a few of the finest WCA drivers, operators, and technicians for the program year. Nominees are assessed based on strategic fundamentals including safety, customer service, peer engagement and more. 

Now, the WCA Driver of the Year Award serves as a pivotal reminder for all WCA employees to persist in the dedication to safety and the continual enrichment of the overall internal and external customer service skills and civic enhancement WCA customers rely upon.

All WCA employees are dedicated to the significance of safety and in providing unsurpassed customer service.  This makes it even easier to acknowledge the list of 2017 nominees and winners who represent the finest WCA employees.  These WCA employees positively impact and improve the prominence of the solid waste industry in every community WCA serves. Because of their company and community pride, WCA exists as an important element in each community WCA employees work, serve, and live.

It is with great pleasure to announce the winners and nominees for 2017 WCA Driver, Operator, and Technician of the Year.

Region I          

Jimmie Steel          Winner – Operator of the Year (Chillicothe MO Transfer)

Dennis Bedene      Nominee – Technician of the Year (Oak Grove KS Landfill)

Steven Feagan      Nominee – Driver of the Year (Joplin MO Collection)

Scotty Check       Nominee – Operator of the Year (Parsons, KS Transfer)


Region II

Humberto Rojas    Winner – Technician of the Year (Hwy 6 TX)

Juan Arriaga       Nominee – Driver of the Year (Hwy 6 TX)

Aaron Dopp        Nominee – Operator of the Year (Ft. Bend TX Landfill)


Region III

Calvin Smith       Winner – Driver of the Year (Magnolia, AR)

Eric Brown          Nominee – Technician of the Year (Lake County FL Hauling)

Reynolds Nez       Nominee – Operator of the Year (Bondad Landfill)



The winners and nominees were awarded the WCA Driver, Operator, & Technician of the Year Rings.

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