Services Offered

Roll Off Dumpster
Portable Toilets
Trash Collection
Trash Collection

Service Guidelines

Trash Services

Thank you for choosing Waste Corporation of Missouri to provide your trash service. In order to give the best possible service we would like to have your cooperation in the following areas:

• Have trash out the night before your service day

• Allow clear and easy access to the containers

• All trash must be bagged

• Dogs should be properly restrained

• All needles/sharps should be sealed in a metal or heavy plastic container


We do not accept the following:

• Car or truck parts

• Hazardous waste

• Car or truck batteries

• Asbestos

• Animal waste or carcasses

• Paint or household chemicals

• Oil, gasoline, or anti-freeze

• Yard waste, grass, leaves, sticks, etc. In case of hazardous road conditions we will do everything possible to perform scheduled services, however, if we are unable to complete routes we will pick up everything on your next scheduled service day.


We do not issue credits for act of God weather conditions.