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Colorado Solid Waste Dumpster Rental

Colorado Solid Waste Dumpster Rental

Solid Waste and Recycling Dumpsters for Rent

WCA is the premier solid waste and recycling service provider in Durango, Colorado. We earned that status thanks in part to the affordability and variety of our dumpster options, along with reliable collection times. Use our online ordering form to request a quick quote!

Selecting a Durango Solid Waste Dumpster

WCA is proud to offer Durango a wide range of solid waste management and recycling collection services. We work with commercial property owners like you so that your dumpster rental selection can accommodate your tenants or employees. Contact us today so we can discuss what WCA can do for you!

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Which Solid Waste Dumpster Is Right for You?

Do you want timely collection and pick-up of your solid waste and recycling? Would you prefer that your waste management provider handled your garbage in a hygienic and environmentally sustainable way? WCA can offer all that and a variety of front and rear load dumpster rental options as seen below:

2-Yard Dumpster

Dumpster Image

34” long x 72” wide x 38” tall - front load
57” long x 77.5” wide x 47.5” tall - rear load

For smaller businesses such as family restaurants and privately owned medical offices, our 2 yard dumpster option is an economically efficient option.

4-Yard Dumpster

Dumpster Image

54” long x 72” wide x 48” tall - front load
91.5” long x 81.5” wide x 46.5” tall - rear load

Businesses with up to 100 employees will find our 4 yard dumpster to be deep and sturdy enough to dispose of accumulating trash.

6-Yard Dumpster

Dumpster Image

54” long x 72” wide x 72” high - front load
120.5” long x 81.5” wide x 46.5 high - rear load

Whether it’s an office that staff hundreds or a restaurant that sees dozens of customers per hour, we’re confident that our 6 yard dumpster can be of service.

8-Yard Dumpster

Dumpster Image

66” long x 72” wide x 81” high - front load
159.5” long x 81.5 wide x 46.5” tall - rear load

Looking for a super-sized solid waste dumpster? We offer an eight-yard option that can often to be found on many campuses, corporate offices and other large institutions.

After you’ve decided on your ideal dumpster size, you can request a quick quote here!

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