Orange City Trash Collection

Curbside Collection Services

Each household in Orange City shall have one trash cart and one recycling cart. Maintenance of the carts is also included. Should your cart(s) need maintenance, please call WCA at 800-535-9533.

Curbside Collection Service Provider

Orange City has contracted with WCA to service your area. For more information about WCA, please visit

Orange City service days:

  • Monday - Garbage and yard waste
  • Tusday - Recycling 

Holiday Schedule

If a household’s garbage collection day falls on a holiday, collection will occur on the following business or next calendar day. For example, a household receiving Monday collection and Monday is a holiday, your collection day will be Tuesday. There will be no collection services on the following holidays as the landfill is closed:

  • New Year's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Following a holiday, residents may dispose of excess trash in plastic bags outside of their trash cart on their next scheduled collection day. 

Household Garbage & Recycling Carts

The household garbage and recycling carts are designed to easily be collected by automated collection vehicles. These vehicles use mechanical arms, operated by the driver in the cab of the truck, that grab, lift and empty the cart and return it to the ground.

To help the collection stay on schedule, follow these simple steps:

  1. Place items at the curbside by 6 a.m. the day of the scheduled collection service.
  2. Place the wheels of the carts toward the house and the arrow on the cart pointed toward the street.
  3. Place the carts two (2) feet from one another and objects like mailboxes, other garbages or recycling containers and parked vehicles.

What can be recycled with this new program?

Paper Products:

  • All paper/fiber products (junk mail, newspapers & magazines)
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Boxboard cardboard

Plastic Containers:

  • All household plastic containers marked with the recycling symbol (with or without caps)

Metal Containers:

  • Aluminum containers
  • Steel cans
  • Tin cans

ITEMS NOT RECYCLABLE: Styrofoam, batteries, light bulbs, plastic bags & items contaminated with food.

Disposal of Yard Waste

  • Residents are required to tie, bag or bundle yard waste. Yard waste can be placed at the curb loose, in a biodegradable bag, in a homeowner-provided container or plastic bag.
  • Branches and limbs should be no longer than four (4) feet in length, and six (6) inches in diameter, and must be less than 50 pounds and stacked uniformly.
  • Items not considered yard waste include: wood fencing, lanscape timbers, flower pots, yard decoration, mulch and dirt.

Bulk Waste & White Goods

Large, bulky items such as a sofa or a range, can be placed at the curb for collection. Residents can also contact WCA at 800-535-9533 to schedule a pickup. Allow up to 72 hours (excluding Sundays or holidays) to fulfill the request.

Customer Service:
WCA 800-535-9533
City 386-775-5447