Detachable Container Association

WCA is a proud member and supporter of DCA (Detachable Container Association) because of its long legacy to solid waste research and technological advancements.  Founded in 1954, DCA is the waste management industry's first formal association.  Its primary mission is to promote education and establish ways to improve the waste industry and the productivity of its members. DCA is noted for advancing modern containerized collection and helping to facilitate numerous waste industry developments. DCA members decided they needed a voice in Washington, and four of the members put up the money to form the National Solid Waste Management Association (NSWMA). Thus WasteExpo was created.

Hauling companies continue to be the DCA's primary focus, but the association has evolved into something more. It now contributes to the manufacturing of new-age trucks and heavy equipment. 


(Detachable containers are now known as roll-off containers, front loaders or automated carts.)