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Customer Testimonials

"I want to extend my gratitude to the unknown gentleman who has been working my route, in the hope these compliments will reach both him and his supervisors. It’s easy not to notice when everything is working perfectly, but it must be said: this guy is doing a conspicuously great job. His pickups are always 100% complete, even though he often has to collect behind cars parked on the street (there are a lot of street-parkers in my neighborhood, and I know that has to be a hassle to work around). He never spills, or leaves debris in the street or on people’s yard. (Well, maybe he does occasionally spill, but if so he always picks it up, which is awesome.)


He doesn’t toss the recycling bins on the driveway when he’s done, causing them to crack or break apart when they land. He’s super reliable, always arriving bright and early, but he’s so quiet I sometimes don’t even hear him come and go. (How does he even do this? He’s in a garbage truck for crying out loud!) He always has a friendly wave and smile when I do catch him out. No doubt the right people already know this guy’s a keeper, but compliments were they are due, right? Bottom line: I’ve never been happier with my service, and I already called the city to tell them this, too. Sanitation work is, I’m sure, a largely thankless job, but it shouldn’t be. So to everyone at your company who keeps our city clean and healthy, thanks for all you do, too."
-Maureen L., Kansas City, MO

"I would like to say thanks to you and your staff at WCA of Florida for assisting the City of Mascotte in transitioning the residential collection services to the new automated system. This transition went extremely smooth and I was thoroughly impressed with the way WCA’s customer service and operational team handled any anomalies along the way. I was impressed with how WCA delivered the new carts to the residents during the previous provider’s removal period. The excellent level of communication and commitment to satisfying our resident needs was truly witnessed by our staff. Your team went above and beyond during this process and handled all customer concerns expeditiously. Also, the new compressed natural gas trucks are very clean, quiet and often we do not even hear them on the streets! I was also impressed with the notification flyers that were sent out to all of our residential and commercial customers. These flyers were instrumental with providing a smooth transition. They contained very detailed collection information to residents (i.e. service days, holiday schedule etc.) and commercial customers to further ensure a successful transition. The ongoing follow up with both commercial and residential customers also attributed to a smooth transition and WCA’S team of employees. exemplified professionalism and courtesy throughout the entire process. Since the transition to WCA; our customer service has improved tremendously and I want thank you and the crews working in Mascotte for the exceptional service. I would recommend WCA to any municipality that wants a focus driven customer service orientated company that will give it their all to make customer service their number one priority."
-Jim Gleason, City Manager

"I just wanted to write to say that I am a brand new resident of this neighborhood, and I have lived in a lot of communities between here and Galveston. In all of my previous communities the waste collection teams have been less than impressive, sometimes even rude and ridiculous in their collection practices. In the first 2 weeks of living in this house, I have had to put out an unusual amount of trash, regular boxes, LARGE boxes, and other odd things that I didn't need anymore. I was even a little nervous because I didn't feel it was fair to do that to your guys, however, each and every time they picked it up, threw it in, and never even frowned. My main reason for writing is just to give a BIG THANK YOU to those guys, and to your company for obviously treating them well, and training them well. They are one of many reasons I am happy to be living here now. I wish I could afford to leave them something, maybe someday I can.
I hope they get the message, and thanks very much once again for making my new home that much more pleasant. "
-Jeffrey Johnson, Houston residential customer

"Customer Service is great! They always go the extra mile along with being very courteous and knowledgeable in resolving problems. Trash service pickup is always on time and professional. A wonderful company to do business with. I would highly recommend their services. ;"
-Thomas, Houston business owner