Service Alert for Texas

Greater Houston Area WCA Service guidelines effective 9/8/17 

We are excited to announce that all our Operations are back up to full speed and ready to service our customers.  There are still certain areas that are affected by Hurricane Harvey and we will continue to monitor those areas. 

Residential Customers:

Normal service which includes trash, recycling, yard waste and bulk will resume on Monday, September 11, 2017. Customers in Hunters Creek (Bear Creek) still have streets with standing water.  We are not able to service some of the homes yet. 

No storm debris will be removed at this time by our rear load trucks and crews.  We do have disaster relief programs available.  Please contact your MUD, or HOA. They have been provided with options for WCA to help with the cleanup. 

Commercial and Industrial Customers:

Our commercial and industrial collection service is operating and servicing all of the accounts that we can safely get to.  Please make sure that we have access to the container so that we can provide the service.   

WCA is unable to pick up flood debris. FEMA will send contractors into devastated areas to collect construction, electronic and other debris.

To help collection efforts, please click here for the FEMA diagram for where to place different types of refuse.

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